A history spanning more than 60 years

DistriParty is a new company with a long familiy history. Three generations of logistic experience is combined with over 20 years of experience in international trading and production.
At the exact location of the DistriParty facilities, the first generation started with the handling all the internal logistics of Van Gelder Papier. Throughout the years, many logistics disciplines were developed and acquired.
The third family generation has been very active in international trading using production facilities in the far East.

DistriParty has been established with expertise in both areas of international commerce and logistics. This provides a unique setup: all the logistic facilities for an international trading company under one roof.
Ready for the future to provide for every level in the distribution column; this makes DistriParty the most versatile 3PL company yet.


First Generation in the 50’s:

Jan, Dick and Nico Adrichem


First trading in the far east


Early production in China


Starting up shipping containers from China