Experienced and committed


Logistics & Trading Expertise

DistriParty has a broad knowledge of international  trading and logistics. The expertise of specific needs is of great benefit to our customers. The roles of manufacturer and importer are changing rapidly. New developments and innovations need to be adopted in order to remain competitive. DistriParty understands this need and adapts to these developments with the most up-to-date facilities and solutions.


Gas measurement and analysis

Sea containers may contain harmful and toxic gases. Research has shown that 50% of sea containers contain concentrations of gas, with 13% being the legal limit. It is imperative to have containers tested for toxics before opening them. Our team of specialists is trained and certified (NTA 7496-2:2011) to perform all necessary tests using the latest measuring equipment.


Keep it simple

Although DistriParty excels by using of the latest technology, our pride lies with our staff members. Our fully automatic picking systems keep costs as low as possible, but our basic rule is: “Keep it simple”. We only use our automatic systems if it adds significant benefits; some classic processes are still the most efficient way to work. In that case, the winning solution is kept.


Inhouse Training center

To keep the whole team up to date with the latest developments in logistics, safety, software use or any other development, DistriParty has a weekly training program for all team members.