World’s most efficient robotic warehouse system


World’s most efficient robotic warehouse system

Robots bring the goods to the order picker. Aside from the obvious conservation of time and energy, it also empowers the order picker to give full attention to the order itself, as opposed to walking or driving. All our robots are autonomous; this built-in redundancy means that all goods remain accessible at all times.


Save and functional bin storage

Storage in strong and durable bins helps to protect your products from theft, dents and other damage. Products are picked directly out of the bin by the order picker, eliminating handling damage and minimizing picking errors.


Goods are being picked from an ergonomically friendly position

An ergonomically friendly workplace lowers costs, leads to higher quality assurance, and in our case, reduces the throughput time of stock orders. But most importantly, ergonomically sound workplaces improve employee morale and increase productivity.
A logical, easy to follow and stress-free process enables our staff members to fully focus on the order, and handle products with the utmost care.


A new product every 3 seconds

In today’s logistical process, a high picking speed is essential. Next to reducing costs, it caters to E-commerce clients who demand the shortest possible delivery times. Elapsed time between placing an order and shipping should be as short as possible. Our Blue Cube system delivers a product to the order picker within 3 seconds.


We don’t ship empty space

Our cubing system calculates the total order volume and directs the order picker to use a shipping box of optimal size. This means we ship your products with the most optimal volume possible.


Cutoff time guided process

Your order process might not always be first-in/first-out, but might be more arbitrary. Your primary concern, however, is getting ordered products to your customer as soon as possible. Our processing system is calibrated to insure that any order is finished at the cutoff time of the chosen forwarder. Meaning an optimal use of resources and orders shipped in time for the best price possible.